Entheogenic Experiencial


A process designed for students of psychedelic assisted therapy (or therapists interested in the field) to develop and practice their therapeutic skills in the accompaniment of processes involving master plants.

In this experiencial practice you will:

  • Deepen or develop your relationship with Ayahuasca.
  • Observe and learn from our team of therapists on how to provide a safe container before, during and after the experience with Ayahuasca.
  • Use your therapeutic (one-on-one or group) tools to accompany others as an active witness in processes involving master plants.

The process is divided into two parts:

Part 1 : Self Exploration

A 4 – day process to navigate your own experience with the sacred medicine Ayahuasca under the facilitation of our team of therapists.

Part 2 : Serving others

A 3 – day process to accompany a person in the preparation, ceremony and subsequent integration of an Ayahuasca experience.

The trainning consists in:

  • Two Ayahuasca Ceremonies
  • 30 hours of non-directive and somatically-informed therapeutic modalities, and contemplative practices.
  • Integration supervised practice under the guidance of experienced facilitators in a legal context with psychological and medical support.

The location:

Among the magnificent mountains of the Peruvian Andes, 30 km from the city of Cusco and 3.5 hours from Machu Picchu in the picturesque village of Pisac that enjoys a lively and colorful culture with a present ancestry.

What is included?

  • Accomodation in shared room (2 beds)
  • Organic local food
  • 2 ceremonies
  • Airport pick up (Cusco)
  • One client to practice with
  • Professional and experienced guidance.
  • A day at the hot springs

General price 3270 USD .

Global South : 2400 USD

About the facilitators

Marcela Santamarina

She is the founder and director of the Bindu Holística program. Yoga teacher with 25 years of experience and personal practice. She founded and directed for 18 years the school Yoga Bindu Barcelona (Spain).

She is a psychotherapist trained in Gestalt psychotherapy and in Trauma with Gabor Maté.

Her special interest and personal experience in the use of entheogens in the therapeutic context has led her to participate in different courses, such as psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy at Harvard Medical School (among others). With a personal synthesis based on 14 years of experience with master plants, she has developed a model of integration based on group weaving, contemplative practices and compassionate inquiry.


Gareth Morgan ( Misk’i Takiy )

He has studied over the past 20 years different ancient wisdom traditions and has traveled constantly to learn from the masters and their lineages.
As a medicine man, singer and composer, his work is based on his learning, incorporating into his ceremonies mantras from the Buddhist and Hindu traditions, Icaros from the healing path of the South American jungle and prayers learned in his encounters with Native American cultures.

Her primary language is English and her mission is to serve as a bridge between peoples, cultures and worlds.

Translated with DeepL.com (free version)


Alex Tornvall

Surgeon from the University of Concepción, (Chile) with 9 years of experience in
interaction between biomedical health and master plants, accompanying processes with sacred medicines and expanded states of consciousness.
Gestalt therapist trained in the Gestalt Viva school of Claudio Naranjo – Chile,
Tutor of the 4th generation of the EGV Chile. Assistant of the process SAT in the Claudio Naranjo  Foundation.
Currently collaborating in retreats in the 
the Peruvian Amazon and Andes, with the work of Master Plants and Medical and Psychotherapeutic accompaniment in the previous evaluation, during the retreat and the subsequent phase of integration.
Also currently working as General Physician in in medical management of Mental Health conditions and in private consultation of Gestalt Psychotherapy


Nacho Dominguez

With a life dedicated to the study and search for the development of consciousness, Nacho has spent more than 10 years exploring the depths of ancient Eastern contemplative traditions, extracting their essence to enrich his own path and bring them to the modern world in a simple and enjoyable way.
Trained as an instructor of meditation and Emotional Education. He has also had the privilege of receiving a specialization in trauma (Compassionate Inquiry) with Dr. Gabor Mate, and in IFS Internal Family Systems.
He is currently in private practice, giving talks and workshops and accompanying groups on retreat.

He is currently specializing in the person-centered approach of Carl Rogers.


About the Retreat house and accomodation

Type of accommodation

Accommodation is in comfortable rooms shared by 2 people.
Those who require a single room may request it subject to availability for an additional cost of 750USD.

What this retreat is not

It is not an education or training to become a Shaman.
It is not a training to serve the sacred Ayahuasca plant to others.


It is required to complete a medical form before making the reservation payment.


A certificate of completion is given to students from universities and centers with which Bindu Holistica collaborates.

If you are not a therapist and want to participate.

You can participate in the retreat by receiving the experience without the need for internships and you can be enriched by learning about a therapeutic group model of working with Ayahuasca.


You must pay 550 USD as a reservation to secure your place and the remaining balance will be paid before the start of the retreat.

Information & Registrations